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The BrainChild Design was started by an entrepreneur who has over twenty years experience starting, forming and managing businesses. He comes from a family of entrepreneurs and has worked in his family businesses from the age of 9 years old. These businesses cover a large gamut of different company types ranging from service-based businesses, to product distribution, and software companies.

Over the years he has consulted with a variety of companies to both create and optimize methods of operation as well as to streamline pre-existing operations.

His experience in the Web Development industry has given him a particular insight and broad exposure into many other unique businesses and he has applied that knowledge  to his current role of Web Developer and business startup consultant.

As a Computer Technologist, the company BrainChild Design is at the forefront of business technology and research, and applies these new technologies to business operations that already exist, with the idea that technology and computer automation, will increase business efficiency, lower overall operational costs, while increasing profit and enhancing the ability to explore the global market more effectively.

Partnership256We will offer a free, 2 hour consultation, to show you what we can add to your business, with the goal of becoming your adviser for all things technology and computer and business-related.

We can provide references upon request and look forward to helping you grow and maintain your business. In addition, we have contacts that we have developed over the years, with whom we have cultivated special relationships, who provide us with products and services at reduced rates, that most businesses, typically, cannot obtain. We are happy to share those contacts with our clients. Please contact us with any questions you have and we can set an appointment to get started.

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