about usThe BrainChild Design was created out of a need from our clients, to bridge a gap between their business processes and their internet presence or lack thereof. The owner of our company, David Schwartz, is an entrepreneur who saw the need for businesses to become internet-based, to facilitate the scaling and expansion of all business processes to:

  • Gain Exposure
  • Reach Larger Markets
  • Sell both Physical and Digital Products and Services.

He realized that having a web presence enabled a company to continue to conduct business without regard to closing hours, and to provide mult-language advertisement, across the global environment. In addition, having a website reduced a company’s overall operational costs while providing the opportunity to include additional products and services into their store offerings.

After having experienced and succeeded in businesses on multiple levels, ranging from the distribution and sales, of groceries, beverages, and tobacco products, to name a few, he realized that each aspect of these businesses could be consolidated into a web-based application, without the need for additional and costly, labor or logistics, while  further reducing the costs of training, advertising and banking.

Instead a business could incorporate all of these features into one centralized web application, that could be accessible to anyone in the company, from any location in the world!

We decided to take it one step further and incorporated services that we felt every business would need, such as:

to name a few.

In addition, we developed custom software that could be easily copied and easily deployed in a wide range of business scenarios, such as a virtual point-of-sale program for use in cash registers and retail locations. This software could be used to replace costly retail equipment and could be deployed in less than one day by anyone with basic computer skills.

Our goal is to make it easier for a normal person, with little or no skills, to start and own their own business or businesses, with the only requirements being:

  • They own a computer with an internet connection
  • Have a product, service or skill to sell.

We want to train people to gain the most profit by leveraging the power of the internet and gaining access to the global market.

In addition, we believe we have a responsibility to reduce our overall carbon imprint by eliminating our paper usage altogether. We are committed to being paperless and have already completely reduced our internal use of paper. We can show you how we do that as well, while helping you optimize your office.

Working Smart and Creating Formulas for Success is our motto. If you have an idea or Brain Child, we will help you take your idea and make it a reality!

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