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Website Hosting is essential if you want to have a website that reaches the global market using the World Wide Web also known as the Internet. Every website consists of files that are shown to end users such as images, video, text, audio, or programming code. These documents need a place to reside. Typically a website owner will store those files on a computer or server either in their place of business, on their personal computer, or in a secure data center such as Google, Amazon or BrainChild Hosting. When a person clicks a link on a website, they are pointed to the location where those files are stored and the computer then sends them information back in the form of HTML.

Hosting is paid for on a yearly basis. You must renew it every year. You will receive discounts for purchasing multi-year hosting plans.

A Domain Name is the address that people type into the address bar in their browser to access a website. Typically it looks like this: www.thebrainchilddesign.com or http://thebrainchilddesign.com or even thebrainchilddesign.com.

This address points to the location where your website files are stored. In order to have a fully functioning website, a person must have a domain name and a hosting account.

The BrainChild Design offers both of these services through our sister site, BrainChild Hosting. You can order hosting for $126.88 per year and receive a free domain name with your purchase.

Yes you will. You may use it for as long as you want. You may also transfer it to another hosting service if you so choose.

You can have as many as you want. Each additional domain is $10/year and the package allows you to have 10 domains. You can order additional domains by adding on more space to your hosting package

Yes you will. You can create as many email addresses as you like for each domain once you have purchased a Hosting Package

When you purchase a Hosting Package you can either transfer or purchase one Domain Name for Free! Any additional Domain Names are $10 each for the year.

You must have a hosting account for your website files to be stored and to place the address of your Domain Name. Consequently, it must be purchased first so that we can construct your website. In addition, you need to have a Domain Name so that we can create links in the website design for your content. We also partner with a third party hosting provider who specializes in website storage and data security. This enables our designers to concentrate on design while the other company concentrates on security and website Uptime.

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