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Planning Your Website Project

Each aspect of your site is carefully planned before we get started.

You have the freedom to pick your Domain name or transfer it for free if you purchase a Hosting package through our affiliate site

BrainChild Hosting.

Training to Use Your Website

Once your Website Package is completed, our professional design team will then Train you how to use each aspect of your website

You, Will be able to make content changes 
whenever, and however you desire!

Check our Services page for more information.

Steps for Building Your Website

There are a few options for you to consider for your Website Project purchase. You can either purchase the Website design Product in One Step by adding the Product that you see above or one of the Web design Packages that you see below.

You can fill out our Website Customization Form for a Free Quote. This will give us a more detailed idea of what you are planning on accomplishing with your site and how we should plan out the design before we get started and also so that you have a more realistic idea of pricing before you make your purchase.

Fill out Website Customization Form as best you can (This will provide us with the necessary information to quickly deploy your site)

Choosing Either Option is the Right Choice

Either option you choose will lead to the same conclusion and pricing is the same. So don’t feel confused if you do not know which option is right for you.

The First Option is for customers who are comfortable with a fast purchase and do not want to take the time to fill out the customization form, whereas the Second Option provides us with a little more information beforehand without us having to ask you as many questions.

Filling out the Customization Form

You can try filling out the form first to see what kind of questions we ask. Once you have filled out the form, we will contact you to verify the information and send you an invoice for the first payment as well as our Development Agreement and Contract of Services.

Getting Started Simplfied

  1. Choose and purchase your Website Package
  2. Sign Client Project Agreement
  3. Choose your Domain name if you don’t have one
  4. Purchase your Hosting Package
  5. Provide and upload to the client area, any content that you want included onto your website such as images, text, product photos, product information, form informationLogos, design sketches, links, colors, and user information.
  6. Wait for one of our representatives to contact you regarding the next step in the process


We Charge 1/2 of the total cost up front with a 1/4 payment part way through the development stage and the final 1/4 payment of the balance, once the project is completed to your satisfaction.

You Own your Website

We turn over all administration information for your completed website and hosting account. At that point, you will own all of your code, software, domain name and hosting information. We do not keep any of it!

Additional Features to Add

Mobile and Responsive DesignMobile and Responsive Designs

In today’s world of smartphone and tablets, a website must be mobile-responsive design and adapts to the screen size of your mobile device. The BrainChild Design creates all client websites using fully responsive designs, each with the ability to be viewed on any and all devices or computer screens.

It is estimated that 75% of the world’s population accesses the internet from mobile devices rather than a standard desktop or laptop computer. This means it is essential to design your website with this type of user in mind.

In addition, most internet purchases are made from mobile devices as well, thus your shopping cart must be accessible and able to handle secure purchases so that customer information is protected and kept private. We build all of our websites with this in mind and only use technology that is proven in this regard.

SEOSearch engine optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization is both an art and a science. Search engines such as Google and Yahoo use particular algorithms to index your website for easier content search results.

Ranking higher on Search Engines

The truth is that search engine ranking is decided by several factors most of which are decided by your website’s overall design and the amount and quality of content that is included on the site, and the quality of your keywords related to the overall content of your page.

Original and Well-Written Content is Best for Ranking Higher 

It is in your best interest to write original content rather than copying or plagiarizing content from the internet or other websites. Websites that reuse redundant content are penalized and ultimately lower their search rankings!

At The BrainChild Design, we are SEO (Search Engine Optimization) experts, Google and YouTube certifed professionals,  who can offer a free quote and consultation, to immediatelyhelp increase your website’s ranking. In addition, we can write content for you at a cost of $25/hour in 10 hour blocks. All of our content writers are college educated and write content for a living, full-time.

You can purchase blocks of content writing time here if you wish to obtain our services.

Social Media Integration and Synchronization

Social media has become one of the premier ways for businesses to advertise, reach out and stay connected to their customers. This is especially true for new and small businesses.

Going “Viral”

The term “Viral” expresses the speed that a posted piece of information spreads and canis viewed, while passed from one individual to another, particularly with regards to social media. An announcement or link posted onto a person’s page has the potential to be seen and shared by thousands of people in a matter of minutes without any cost to the initial person who posted the link.

Degrees of Separation

Recently Facebook hosted a study to determine the degree of separation from one individual to every other individual in the world. Until this study was concluded, it was believed that everyone was connected by six degrees of separation. Well that is no longer true. What they found is that we are really connected by less that four degrees of separation. This means that information can reach the entire world in less than a week and in some cases, less than one day!

What This Means for You

Writing or filming the right content has the potential to reach the entire world in a matter of hours. Depending on your industry, it can be the difference in success for your business or blog.

Leveraging Social Media to Gain Largest Marketing Impact

The BrainChild Design uses several tools to leverage social media. We have created websites that allow users:

  • Synchronize your blog posts and/or websites, to your social media pages instantly and provide consistent information across multiple platforms.
  • Create compelling Calls-to-Action to quickly engage viewers and harness communication streams to develop potential sales leads
  • Combine multiple channels into one interactive web that leverages minimal advertising efforts, and enables one or two people to manage and manipulate information for multiple streams of content.
  • Use the power of email lists and email marketing campaigns to leverage communication exponentially to all of your customers at once with one post.

The BrainChild Design can implement these strategies, train you and your company, how to use them, while teaching you the best practices, so that you become more efficient, and make the best use of your time.

Social Media Website Addon



Website Redesign, Upgrade and Improvement


website_correction_256Redesigning Old Websites

Every few years it is a common practice, to update or redesign your website. Reasons for this include creating a new look or updating your technology to reflect current trends in design, security, or ease-of-use and user experience. We specialize in website redesigns.

Typically we do not like to work with older technology or to sort through another developer’s code. This often takes as much time and money as simply building another website. We do, however, use the same content that you already have and reformat it to match the new site design. We also add additional software that helps enhance your website while maintaining your original overall business look and feel.

We can design themes from scratch or install pre-made themes and then customize them to your exact specifications. When you are ready to start your project, we will plan out your design and integrate any improvements or additional artwork into the project where and how you want it.


Custom ApplicationsCustomized applications

The increased use of Smart phones and tablets have created an auxiliary market where applications have become a prevalent way for people to find information or contact businesses. We work with several developers who have experience with creating customized applications for our customers.

Types of Applications

Applications can range from simple informational contact pages to high level eCommerce applications capable of conducting business operations from smart phones and mobile devices.

Free Application Development Cost Quote

We can give you a free quote to give you an idea of the cost to produce an application and a time frame for completion. Our developers come from such fields as game programming, telecommunications programming, and banking security. We will set you up with an account representative who will guide you through the entire development until the project is complete.Going