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Writing content for websites, though simple in theory, can actually be one of the most tedious and thankless jobs when building and managing a website. For some people, writing content comes naturally, and for others it can take days, or even weeks, to write a few pages of content. Often, the most difficult part of starting and completing a website is getting the content finished in a timely manner for your web designer to format, to complete your website design.

Use Professional Writers to Help Create Content

To assist with this issue, The BrainChild Design employs professional writers who have experience writing for blogs, websites, and online product catalogs. Most of them have advertising, marketing, and/or SEO experience, that we draw upon, depending on the client’s needs, or the specific website application. This enables us to produce high quality content that has not been copied or plagiarized, and will increase your website traffic, raise your search engine rankings, and draw business to your website.

Producing Content Faster Saves Money

A good content writer can produce 5 to 10 pages every day or two. This is great for sites that require a high number of pages with original content. In addition, we have contributors who can be paid to help blog on your website to increase your traffic. They are able to draw upon their own established list of followers, to notify, as they develop content for your site. It gives you the advantage of increasing your traffic, immediately, through their marketing, and gives you a way to start getting information out to new subscribers while leveraging their experience and their previous work. In addition, you can also make affiliate deals with these writers so that they will advertise your website on their own blogs or websites.

Writing original content for websites, products and advertisements

We will write content for you that utilizes commonly used and researched, keywords, and are relevant to the material on your website. Our content will help raise your search engine rankings on popular search engines and will also contain links to popular material or articles if you so choose.

If you own an eCommerce web store, we can write product information, reviews and product descriptions that will also contain keywords in popular search categories. Our prices differ for different types of products and services but we are available at hourly rates, with short, or long term contracts, and block rates, for specific projects. You can also speak with our SEO expert to plan out how you would like to utilize our services and what goals you hope to achieve with regards to increasing your website traffic.

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